Velvetines Are The Hot New Lip Colors From Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a famous makeup company known for their rich, bright, and daring colors for both eyes and lips. Creator of the company, Doe Deere is also as equally daring and bright. She expresses herself through her fashion and makeup. That is why she created Lime Crime. She was having a hard time finding the right makeup to match her desire for color and she noticed that her fans were also having a hard time finding quality makeup to express themselves with. Lime Crime was created to fill a gap in the makeup and to give people what they wanted.


Doe Deere has developed a bold new line of liquid matte lipsticks called Velvetines. The Velvetines lip line is like no other on the market. It goes on shiny and smooth with a wand like a lip gloss would, but it dries to a matte finish that will last all day. It will not budge until you are ready to take it off. It is food and kiss proof and retains its rich color all day long.


The Velvetines line comes in many colors. Some of the colors are a rich neutral tone, while other such as the Squash color or even the Moonstone are bright, fresh, and unique. The line offers selections that were previously not found on the market.


Each tube is twenty dollars online on the Lime Crime website. If you are looking for a great lip color that will last all day then the Velvetine line is going to be a perfect fit.  To see for yourself, find them on Facebook for Doe’s personal tutorial pics.  Or check out what Celia Leslie found when she tried Lime Crime for herself in the below tutorial:

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