Traveling Vineyard And The Five Best Wine Routes

According to Traveling Vineyard, the five best wine routes are found in France. For that reason, there are many ways to enjoy different varieties of wine flavors. You can also buy different bottles of wine from a local Traveling Vineyard store or guide.

However, it is fun to try different types of wines when you happened to visit French countryside. France is the mother country of all wines. The climate and soil are favorable for grape growing. The country has also been in the wine business for more than a century and is part of its culture.

Also, research shows that many people visit France with the objective of experiencing the travel wine routes. The top Traveling Vineyard that are found on these routes include Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Provence. Champagne is next to Paris, and it has proven to be a unique wine area. This region is accessible by rural driving and visitors can access it within a day. Champagne Tribaut, Champagne Aspasie, and Champagne Fallet Dart are the winemakers to visit in Champagne. As a wine route, Alsace is more picturesque than the other vineyards. This region is usually visited towards the end of October to experience the festival activities that bring the area into life. Burgundy is known for white and red wine. The area is accessible and has clear signage along the road. Bordeaux is located in the Southwest of France. Visitors to this region usually have the opportunity to walk along the local wine fair or take a wine vacation down the river. Provence is a wine route that is famous with rosés. Apart from wine, the region is also known for organic farming.

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