TOWN Residential, A Prime Real Estate Developer in New York

Many property developers are presenting high-end luxury products in the New York real estate landscape. There is also high competition between real estate companies that try to provide customers with the unique and viable property solutions. TOWN Residential has cemented its name as one of the leading New York luxury real estate service firms. TOWN Residential manages the majority of the New York Property sales. It is the prime real estate developer in the whole of New York and its environs.


TOWN’s Outstanding Portfolio

The company has been reputable due to its best-in-class and seamless customer service accomplished by an exciting team of Representatives. TOWN engages quality industry standards as well as uncompromising principles that have made the company an integral part of the New York real estate landscape. The company was established in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. The company has an expert team of specialists that bring with them a unique winning formula. TOWN has acquired or developed multi-billion dollar assets including residential units and retail spaces since its establishment. The majority of its customers are domestic buyers who already work or live in New York. TOWN has also engaged international customers from the Middle East, Europe, South America, the Asia-Pacific region, and China.


Most of TOWN’s offices are opportunely positioned in the city’s most vibrant locality giving room for easy contact to representatives and customers. Each office space features relaxed conference centers planned to foster networking and collaboration among the employees, clients, and neighbors. TOWN recently urbanized the magnificence condo projects on 212 Fifth Avenue. The company believes that its other well-located and quality projects will persist flourishing in the dynamic New York Real Estate landscape.

TOWN Announces the Opening of another Agency


TOWN Residential recently announced the establishment of another agency in the Meatpacking District. This new outfit will be located at 14th Street on the second floor of the 446 West three-story building. The company considers the new agency as the gate pass to the Hudson and its neighborhood real estate markets. The new outfit will supply market research and analysis as well as pre-development planning on quality projects.


The new office is also intended to control client relationships allowing the company to offer custom made approaches on every client project. The company will present the new Hudson market with active veteran industry leaders with unique expertise, cooperative experience, and knowledge. The team will include experienced onsite managers, brokers, and agents. The team will be bestowed with a responsibility to convert, reposition, and lease multi-family assets. This team will transform the overall company strategies into much-defined goals and quantifiable action plans in the promising Meatpacking District real estate markets. Andrew Heiberger showed his joy in the new venture declaring that the new office space will give them more client access. It is the kind of space that separates his company from other competitors.



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    This new Meatpacking District agency intends to supply an easier access to interior designers, leading architects, influential amenity providers, and other industry specialists. It is certainly a good way for to make sure all these things could happen to them as soon as possible.

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