The Brown Modeling Agency Approach

Wilhelmina Austin has just gotten its hands on Heyman Talent-South. The company has changed its name entirely, too. It from now on is going to be known simply as the Brown Agency. These were the two biggest talent firms in the whole area. Their collaboration blends the distinctive and valuable skills they possess. It leads to the establishment of Austin’s sole full-service firm as well. There actually aren’t too many in the state of Texas in general.


Justin Brown is the professional who is in charge at the Brown Agency. He was in charge at Wilhelmina Austin when it made its way to Austin back in 2010. It’s grown into a highly credible force in central Texas. People who are searching for high-quality models in the area regularly lean on the Brown Agency. Heyman Talent-South has worked hard and expanded significantly throughout the years as well. It has put together an acting roster that’s impressive and strong.


The Brown Agency’s main office is in Austin. It has branches in Los Angeles, California and in Dallas as well. Brown serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Michael B. Bonnée is the founder of Heyman Talent-South. He offers his savvy to the Brown Agency’s theatrical department.


The Brown Agency is a great source for models and actors who live and reside in Central Texas and beyond. The company time and time again gives models the opening to put their abilities on display for acclaimed international brands. It’s helped them connect with famed brands such as L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota and Dell. The Brown Agency team has in-depth connections with companies that concentrate on everything from automotive manufacturing to cosmetics and skincare products.


According to Market Wired, this firm is aware of social media platforms and the power they hold. It responds to that by remaining active in the social networking sector. The Brown Agency has been on Twitter since the spring of 2010. It hasn’t stopped tweeting and reposting items since then, either. This is a modeling agency that nourishes and creates careers for professionals. It covers all corners of the media realm as well. It concentrates on print, fashion, television commercials, television programs and even feature films. People who make a point to follow the Brown Agency on Twitter don’t ever regret it. The agency’s staff members post tweets that directly relate to the heart of the business. They post about young models who are currently on the rise. They talk about activities and events they organize, too.


Many driven and motivated people who long for modeling and acting careers in Texas aim to work with the Brown Agency. The Brown Agency is a name that’s associated with honesty, diligence, modernity and complete dedication.