Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Transforms The Mall Industry In Brazil

The City of Joao Pessoa is regarded as the center of shopping mall industry in Brazil. The capital of Paraiba hosts some of Brazil’s most successful malls such as Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall. The shopping mall is one of the earliest in the city considering that it was founded in 1989. However, Roberto Santiago has continued to expand and renovate the property to ensure that it remains as one of the most modern in the country. The expansion of the mall has also seen it create space for more outlets and facilities.

Roberto Santiago’s aim is to make Manaira Shopping mall the ideal location for fun and entertainment in the state. This is set to rival other centers of attraction like beautiful beaches and great cuisines that have helped put the city on the global map. This diversification will also ensure that the city’s economy becomes stable. Roberto pegs his strategy on diversification to ensure that Manaira Shopping has the best facilities, thus maintaining its leadership position in the industry. This strategy has seen Manaira expand their operations to include 11 movie theaters, VIP rooms, 3D rooms, gaming stations, food outlets, colleges, exhibitions, and the state’s largest concert hall.

At the mall’s movie theaters, individuals can catch all the new movies from across the world. The high number of theaters ensures that people can watch all the latest movies. In addition, the theaters use state-of-the-art projection technology. This situation ensures that viewers have the most realistic experience. The seating arrangement is a replica of the stadium system. This way, every viewer has an optimized view of the screen. Moreover, the sound quality in the theaters is unmatched. Gamers should make appoint of visiting the mall’s electronic amusement park. With a large gaming floor having over 200 gaming machines, the mall provides gamers and visitors the opportunity to enjoy themselves. The gaming machines come in different types with the objective of satisfying gamers’ tastes and preferences.

The completion of the Domus Hall helped to secure Manaira Shopping’s position as the best mall in the city. The facility is located on the mall’s roof. It is the largest in the city. The Domus Hall is designed to accommodate ten thousand standing revelers and a sitting audience of four thousand people. The enormous size of the hall makes it ideal for mega shows, graduations, weddings, and fairs. In the past, the hall has hosted numerous stand-ups and presentations.

In total, Manaira Shopping has over 300 stores. Its Gross Leasable Area (GLA) is 75,000 m², making it the largest commercial enterprise in Paraiba State. Besides offering fun and entertainment, Manaira Shopping educates the public about culture and art. Frequently, students visit its exhibitions across the state to learn more on one the two topics. Notably, the premise hosts different institutions of learning.