Rick Shinto, CEO and President of Innovacare

Rick Shinto studied at the University of Redlands where he attained his M.B.A. At the State University of New York, he earned his medical degree after graduating with a B.S from the University of California. He is currently the President and CEO of Innovacare who brings new management in leadership. He has inspired many other leaders of an organisation. After entering the company, it has continuously succeeded in its activities and providing the best services to its customers. Rick Shinto organises the management team in a way that the organisation can easily achieve its goals. According to Shinto teamwork is an essential factor for success in a particular business. Excellent communication, good working relationships as well clear visions are crucial factors in the progress of an organisation. Lack of transparency will make the organisation blind and hind it from attaining high levels of operation.



Rick Shinto, after joining the Innovacare management team has dramatically brought many ideas which have helped the management team. Since he began as a pulmonologist in Southern California, he has brightened his resume highly by excellence in work. He has also written articles concerning healthcare issues. He has acted as driving force to succeed in the company and a reason as to why the company has continuously registering success. His honest desire to improve people’s situations, experience and business savvy are the reasons which have made the company to prosper. It provides top medical guidance to its customers. He has a vision that the company may expand to other markets and have improvements that will benefit its patients. He applies his technical experience which he has already gained through his working experience in several organisations.



Rick Shinto has been awarded several awards when he was working in other organisations. He got Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year while working in the Aveta Inc. due to his commitment to work. He served in several organisations such as Orange County’s Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Pathways Management Company. He was occupying different positions and achieving great success. The management is more concerned about finding more ways of how to deliver high-quality services to the customers. It has two subdivisions, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. The two divisions offer quality health care to the companies’ customers. In the year 2011, the two divisions acquire NCQA after they achieved the required quality assurance which was brought about by customer protection and improved quality services and NAMM California.