Newswatch TV Review – How Contour Saw a Dramatic Increase In Sales

Contour Design is a company that wanted to market their ergonomic workstation to the US market. They used Newswatch TV to help them promote it. Their target audience is people and businesses who want to make the environment a better place.

After their segment aired on Newswatch TV, Contour immediately saw a huge uptick in sales. In fact, it spiked in a dramatic fashion, according to Contour. They attribute this to Newswatch and the work they have done. They said that they appreciate the work Newswatch TV has done. Over ninety five million households were reached by this campaign, and it reached over two hundred markets. The online version of the segment had almost seven hundred thousand impressions.

What Contour does is they produce a keyboard for typing that is more effective and causes less pain than the normal keyboard setup. For example, they have a Rollermouse Red feature. This minimizes the impact on your fingertips and reduces pain. You also do not have to reach far for the mouse because there is a roller right by the keyboard that you can use. There are various adjustments you can make to the angle and position so that you get a perfect position. It is wireless. They have even more advanced keyboards for those that want. All this is beautifully explained and put forth on the segment produced by Newswatch TV.

Newswatch TV is a television program that produces half hour long segments. They bring many celebrities on their show. They reach almost one hundred million households in many markets.

Newswatch TV has won many awards. They started out by covering financial news, but they moved on to many other topics as well, such as technology and consumer news. Newswatch TV has helped many companies get the word out to millions of people.