Malcolm CasSelle: Revolutionizing In-Game Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle is an American entrepreneur who is changing the way tokens are being used in game. He created WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), a decentralized platform which allows gamers to participate in a virtual trading marketplace. With the use of WAX, items in game will be tokenized, and it can also reduce the cost of the items. By tokenization in game items, a virtual marketplace can thrive, allowing a new kind of economy that can break through the barriers of the physical world. WAX has a high level of security and governance that allows any tokens to be regulated, making sure that these are tied to the assets that are assigned to them. Transfer agents are the ones supervising the item transfer process in virtual worlds, and if they neglected their duties, they can put their guild’s reputation at risk. People who are putting their trust on guild leaders might decide to change them if any problems arise at transferring items or tokens. To solve this issue, Malcolm CasSelle introduced the block chain technology that would allow transparency in item transfer, and it resulted in the prevention of fraudulent transfers and missing tokens.


Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Science. He entered different technological companies after graduating from the university, and he previously served as the general manager and senior vice president of Digital Media of SeaChange International. Malcolm CasSelle is also responsible for the creation of technological startups, like MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon. Today, he is serving as the President for New Ventures and the Chief Technology Officer for Tronc Inc, a newspaper and media company based in the United States.


Malcolm CasSelle stated that he will continue to develop different breakthroughs in the world of gaming, particularly how the block chain technology can improve the gaming experience. Malcolm CasSelle is also focusing on investing in bitcoin, and he believes that cryptocurrencies will become one of the most valuable investments in the future. He had also invested with Facebook’s Zynga in the past, but realized that cryptocurrencies are more valuable.