Lori Senecal Prepares to Leave CP+B

CP+B’s current global CEO, Lori Senecal, recently announced that her term at the firm would end in December 2017. She has been in the office since March 2015 and was the first person ever to hold the role. Lori worked for MDC Partners Network as its CEO and president before she was appointed to head CP+B. She still held her position at MDC even after joining CP+B. The agency’s chairman, Chuck Porter, thanks Lori Senecal for the role that she has played in making its services attractive and flexible. She accomplished a lot when serving the firm and this includes assisting it to be offered the American Airlines advertising contract. The deal was signed in October 2015, and the account was transferred from TM Advertising, which had been working with the airline for about 25 years.

Chuck Potter said that he has been working with Lori to enable the firm to have a competent leadership team. The two have been making wise and careful decisions that will significantly influence the future management of CP+B. The agency is currently preparing to have a smooth transition when Lori leaves at the end of 2017. Potter believes that the global CEO has been a great friend and business partner. Her excellent leadership expertise has assisted in making CP+B more efficient in offering services.

CP+B is now preparing a new generation of leaders who will serve it in future. It recently promoted Danielle Aldrich to act as the new CP+B West President. Aldrich wills now the head of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder where she formerly served as a director. She was on the team that assisted CP+B in landing the American Airlines and Hershey accounts. Check out Fast Company to know more.

Seneca has been an excellent administrator at the agency, and she believes that all its ten offices are headed by highly talented professionals. The management team of the CP+B has been striving to ensure its success locally and internationally. According to Lori, promoting regional leaders enabled the firm to share resources equally and also offer the best talents to client partners. She believes that Danielle is conversant with the operations of CP+B and she will be able to address the toughest challenges.

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