Kim Dao and Eric’s First Apartment

Kim Dao and her boyfriend, Eric, are going to move into a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. The second bedroom will be used for their office and is where the computers will be placed. Kim Dao is excited to finally have her own dishwasher because she never had one before.


The apartment isn’t very big. One of the great features is that it has a square space under the counter for the microwave, and under that is a drawer for storage. There is plenty of storage in the kitchen, but the cabinets and drawers are not deep. Kim Dao and Eric can eat their meals in the dining room or on the terrace where there’s a table and chairs set up. Learn more:


The master bathroom is small and has a shower. As small as the place is, it does have a laundry room with a small clothes dryer and a laundry tub. Kim Dao plans to get a washing machine for the laundry room very soon.


The apartment management was nice to show Kim Dao and Eric the display rooms so they could get a good idea of how to decorate their apartment. The apartment is only big enough for a small sofa, a few chairs, and a coffee table in the living room area. Kim Dao didn’t say if she is going to take Yuki with her or plans to leave her dog with her parents. After the apartment tour, Dao went to dinner with an out of town friend. Learn more: