Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires a New Company

For Goettl Air Conditioning, only the sky is the limit. Just the other day, the company announced that it had acquired a company known as Walton’s Heating and Air Conditioning. The company is based in Southern California. This acquisition comes at a time when Goettl Air Conditioning announced that they would be expanding their operations in other parts of the country. The information about this acquisition was brought to light by ArchNews. However, Goettl Air Conditioning and Walton’s Heating and Air signed a non-disclosure agreement meaning that the financial details of the transaction cannot be revealed.

At the moment, Goettl Air Conditioning operates in three primary areas that are Las Vegas, Tucson and Phoenix. This allows the company to establish some roots in California. On their part, the owners of Walton’s through Todd Longbrake said that the deal would enable them to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do on their own. He noted that they had been struggling with making the business move forward but things couldn’t improve. This was the main reason they decided to partner with Goettl Air Conditioning. Initially, Goettl Air Conditioning had expressed their desire to acquire the company two years ago. However, the owners of the company were reluctant to sell the company.

The reluctance came from the uncertainty whether Goettl Technologies would uphold the vision and mission of the company. Their reluctance subdued when Goettl Air Conditioning made some promising comments about the deal. These comments indeed were made by Ken Goodrich who is the owner and chief executive officer of Goettl Air Conditioning. With the deal being finalized back in 2015, Longbrake recently revealed that the company had grown 10 times. Goettl Air Conditioning understands the role of experienced people in their line of industry. Also, they understand the importance of local employees.

According to GlassDoor, this is the reason why they expressed their desire to maintain Longbrake on the team. He will serve as a field supervisor and will also maintain the role of a sales manager. Despite the deal being concluded over two years ago, the deal was announced this month. Ken Goodrich said this delay had been caused by an operational issue with the Walton’s. He insisted that he wanted to make sure everything was in place before making the announcement. He also noted that the company has a background that is similar to that of Goettl Air Conditioning. With the same values, the future looks bright for the two companies.