Dick DeVos and his Wife are Transforming the Education Sector

Dick DeVos and his wife of many years, Betsy DeVos have always been considered to be one of the most famous couples in the United States. The couple has received a lot of criticism and attention in the past because of their political involvement and donations. The two have done a lot for the country too, giving over one hundred and forty million dollars to several charitable causes in their lifetime.


This year, Betsey DeVos was nominated and scheduled to become the secretary of education in the country. When the announcement of the position was made, Betsey contributions to education in the United States was scrutinized by experts. This made the couple to lift the veil on the amount they had spent on several philanthropic activities through the couple’s foundation.


According to a report from the family website, the DeVos made a contribution of eleven million dollars to charity in the year 2015. In the last five years, the family had donated five million to campaigns and other activities in the country. Several platforms have named the family as one of the largest contributors to charity in the world. The extended DeVos family is believed to have given one hundred and four million dollars to charity in the year 2015, earning it the twenty-fourth place in respected Forbes Magazine list of America’s Top philanthropic families. According to the magazine, the family has given over one billion in charity.


Dick and his wife Betsey has based their charitable giving in the education industry. According to the family website, in 2015, more than three million dollars from the family was channeled to education causes, representing twenty-six percent of the annual donations. The couple also gave three hundred and fifty-seven dollars to several groups that support education reforms, representing three percent of the total donations. The couple says that empowering the education system is the best way to transform the country. The two have changed the lives of many people, especially those who come from the needy families.


Dick DeVos has held several positions in his successful career. In the past, he was appointed to work in some of the top posts in the family business, known as Amway. Dick has also worked in NBA, Orlando Magic Franchise and many other companies and foundations. At the moment, the businessman serves at the well-known Windquest Group as the president and chief executive. While working in these enterprises, the merchant brought a lot of changes.