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Dick DeVos and his Wife are Transforming the Education Sector

Dick DeVos and his wife of many years, Betsy DeVos have always been considered to be one of the most famous couples in the United States. The couple has received a lot of criticism and attention in the past because of their political involvement and donations. The two have done a lot for the country too, giving over one hundred Read More

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How Betsy Devos Stands Up For Youngest Learners Working To Make Our Schools Great Again

Betsy Devos has decided she wants to spend her time as Secretary of Education doing everything she can to bring both God and academic excellence back into the American education system. For far too long students have been under performing and falling behind compared to students in other countries. Thanks to the work she is doing as the Secretary of Read More

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Despite backing the losing candidate, Soros scores local victories

In the 2016 election, no candidate had a larger donor than George Soros. After having donated more than 25 million dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign, Soros must have been bitterly disappointed when the results came back and his favored candidate lost. Yet, despite this heavy blow, Soros has been racking up a string of victories at the local level Read More