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Newswatch TV Review – How Contour Saw a Dramatic Increase In Sales

Contour Design is a company that wanted to market their ergonomic workstation to the US market. They used Newswatch TV to help them promote it. Their target audience is people and businesses who want to make the environment a better place. After their segment aired on Newswatch TV, Contour immediately saw a huge uptick in sales. In fact, it spiked Read More

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Malcolm CasSelle: Revolutionizing In-Game Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle is an American entrepreneur who is changing the way tokens are being used in game. He created WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), a decentralized platform which allows gamers to participate in a virtual trading marketplace. With the use of WAX, items in game will be tokenized, and it can also reduce the cost of the items. By tokenization in Read More

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Squaw Valley Address Water Contamination

Squaw Valley recently addressed the water contamination issue that was specific to the upper mountain of the resort. The issue was reported on November 8 to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Since the initial report, the water has been treated constantly its condition is improving. As of now, there is no more E.coli in the water and low Read More