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Newswatch TV Review – How Contour Saw a Dramatic Increase In Sales

Contour Design is a company that wanted to market their ergonomic workstation to the US market. They used Newswatch TV to help them promote it. Their target audience is people and businesses who want to make the environment a better place. After their segment aired on Newswatch TV, Contour immediately saw a huge uptick in sales. In fact, it spiked Read More

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Bob Reina of Talk Fusion Promotes Video Calls for Easy and Convenient Communication

Nothing enhances communication better than a video chat. From sending emails to chats, blogs, and newsletters, video chats go a long way in facilitating communication. It engages the teams through incorporating ideas. Compared to regular texting or chatting, video calls are way better when it comes to offering directions or just selling an idea to the panel. Videos have a Read More