Betsy Devos: The Woman’s Philanthrophy And Remarkable Work History

It’s true that leaders are not as fascinating as they used to be. Leaders today don’t seem to have skin in the game in that they don’t pay for the price of the failure of their decisions. They transfer risks to other people. They do virtue signaling, which is the act of showing off their generosity by announcing their donations in public. But not Betsy Devos. She seems to be a leader of a different dimension. Her work extends across different spectrums, and she continues to do so in remarkable pace.




Betsy Devos: The Innovative Giver


There’s a lot of greatness in the work history of Betsy Devos, but there’s just as much rich background that I believe shows a lot of promise to her potentials in all the philanthropic work that she does.



Some of the outstanding jobs that she was able to deliver for different people include the one that she did for American Federation for Children, which she was a member of from 2008-2009. She was later the chairman of the organization last 2009 until the end of her term in 2016.



In this role, he showed a lot of the traits that a good leader always carries when carrying out functions that involve the benefit of others. There’s a lot of generosity in the heart of Betsy Devos, and all of this gets showcased in her work for the organization.



I also think that her passion for public service showcased in the Alliance for School Choice is impressive, which she was also a remarkable chairman from 2009 to the end of the term in 2016. Her role fell upon a lot of responsibility, but all of it she was able to carry because of her dedication to the service to others.



Betsy Devos’ generosity is also easily showcased in ArtPrize, which she was a Board Member of from 2009 to 2016. Some of the other philanthropy work she did also include the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, which she ran from 2010 to 2016




Remarkable Work History


You can’t underestimate the power and leadership of Betsy Devos. I can’t even think of any better leader out there who can carry out so many roles than Betsy Devos. To her generation of people who are pressured to do much work, Betsy Devos played a lot of administrative roles and exercised a lot of skills.



Some of the work she did include becoming the Chairman of the Windquest Group, which is a privately held management and investment firm in Michigan that carries a lot of consumer products under its line-up. Betsy Devos’ work also includes being the Michigan Republican Party chairman for four times.



You can’t also hear the name of Betsy Devos without thinking of the numerous campaigns and political committees that she led. I think all of this shows how fascinating her career has been today.



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