Ara Chackerian Environmental Advocate

Ara Chackerian is a strong advocate of environmental conservation. During his career, he has worked in multiple industries. He has a college degree in marketing from Florida State University. However, he has not worked in the marketing field in several decades. He is the type of person who enjoys going to work every day. He is passionate about helping others, and he wants to make a positive impact in the world.


Ara believes that climate change is the most significant problem facing the world today. He has various solutions for nations that want to combat climate change. He is a primary advocate and supporter of renewable energy. He believes that renewable energy sources are one of the best ways for the world to combat the issue of global warming.



Forestry Services



Ara enjoys spending free time in nature. He goes on long hikes in the woods, and he enjoys getting lost in various forests around the country. He firmly believes that nature is one of the most precious aspects of our planet. In the past few decades, many forests around the world have been cut down to sell the wood to various companies. Instead of harvesting wood from protected areas, Ara encourages companies to grow their forests over time. In the United States, his efforts have made a positive difference.



Solar and Wind Power



According to thenewsversion, there are multiple different sources of renewable energy available for nations to use. Solar and wind energy are the most common ways to harvest energy without causing too much harm to the environment. Solar energy is expensive in the beginning. The cost of solar panels is one of the most significant hurdles preventing the technology from becoming more adopted. Wind power requires giant windmills, and these windmills can hurt the local bird population. Ara is confident that nations around the world can find solutions to combat climate change. For more info you can visit