A Brilliant Russian Investment Manager and Entrepreneur

Alexei Beltyukov was born in Podolsk Russia in 1985. He was an all-star hockey player with the Kontinental Hockey League for six seasons playing defense. He left his hockey career at age 20 to go to the University.

After his six seasons on the ice, he was fascinated by the way the human body worked and decided to study sports injuries. He worked with doctors and the regional hockey league to help reduce the injuries the players suffered on the ice.

He went to work for a pharmaceutical company as a salesman but was hired as the Marketing Coordinator, which covered a large area. He translated patient instructions and finally went to marketing the company’s own products.

During this period, he saw an ad in the paper for INSEAD, he sent in the entrance forms and he and his wife were accepted in 1997. When he graduated with an MBA and went to work for a well-respected consulting firm in Moscow. His work on the rail business paved his way to the next stage of his career.

Alexei Bletyukov is an entrepreneur and an Invest Manager. As such he has founded New Gas Technologies which is commercializing a technology to upgrade low octane fuel products There are offices in Zug, Switzerland, Houston, Texas, and Moscow.

He was also the founder of A-Ventures, a management company that he sold in 2014.
Alexei was the Director of SOLVY which addressed the innumeracy epidemic with an interactive online platform which will allow a student to learn, explore and hopefully enjoy mathematics in their own way

He was the founder of Endemic Capital, and early stage angel investment club. He is a member of the Moscow Exchange as part of the Coordinating Council, Market for Innovations, and Investments.
According to All Business, Alexei Beltyukov also works with the Russian government and provides economic guidance through the Skolkovo Foundation. The Foundation provides opportunities and grants for technology start-ups, as well as encouraging entrepreneurs who want to expand their opportunities throughout Russia.


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    He has helped establish the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD which will provide scholarships and financial support to Russians who are accepted to INSEAD University. I do know for sure that to write my essay will come with a lot of consequence which is certainly what I need for them it to happen.

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